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The Power of Music in DJ Tanke's Performances

Welcome to a new episode of "Willy Men Uncommon"! In this exciting chapter, we'll dive into the fascinating world of DJ Tanke, a talented DJ who has conquered the dance floors with his incredible music selection. Join us as we explore his life and passion for music.

During the interview, DJ Tanke reveals a peculiar anecdote he often encounters during his stage performances: drunk people who request their favorite songs. Sometimes, they find themselves in a situation where the DJ doesn't have those songs in his repertoire, leading him to patiently explain that he doesn't have them but can download them if given some time.

DJ Tanke's ability to tailor his music to the moment is undeniable. Before playing any song, he carefully listens to ensure they fit perfectly with the atmosphere and mood of the night. If he plays a song that doesn't fit and it affects his performance, he's the one who will look bad, so choosing the right music for each moment is crucial.

During the interview, we also discover some details about the music played in Dominican clubs, known for their Dominican style, where bachata, merengue, and dembow are the standout genres. Additionally, other genres like Colombian, Puerto Rican, and Cuban salsa are included. And to make people of any background happy, DJ Tanke also adds music of all kinds, from cumbia to vallenato.

Music has an incredible power to evoke emotions, and DJ Tanke knows this well. He understands that each song has the ability to make you feel different and immerse you in a world of emotions.

In this episode, we also learn that DJ Tanke started his career as a nightclub promoter in Miami, where he realized that the DJs he was promoting weren't good. He decided to learn to be a DJ himself, and that's how his passion for music became his profession.

Since then, he has played at different venues in Miami, where younger people enjoy dancing and listening to the rhythms of perreo, dembow, and reggaeton. But at an unspecified location where the audience is a bit older, they also enjoy reggaeton, especially after having some drinks.

DJ Tanke surprises us by revealing that he is 37 years old and has a two-year-old daughter. He understands that life can't be solely centered around nightclubs and recognizes the importance of having a plan for the future. That's why he's working on a project related to radio. While he doesn't plan to be in this field for a long time, he's thinking about how he can grow and explore new opportunities.

One highlight of this episode is the songs mentioned by DJ Tanke. The first set of songs is from El Alfa and La Mama, which drive women crazy. Although these songs are old, they still have that catchy rhythm that makes everyone dance. The second set of songs mentioned is "Pepas," which is still a hit, and people go wild every time it plays.

DJ Tanke's night is four hours long. During the first two hours, he plays tropical music to please the people who want to dance. But as the night progresses and the younger crowd arrives, he changes the pace and dives into reggaeton and dembow to enhance their nighttime experience.

And there you have it! This incredible episode of "Willy Men Uncommon" takes you through the passion and talent of DJ Tanke. From hard work and dedication to the ability to connect with the audience through music, DJ Tanke shows us that being a DJ is not just about pressing buttons; it's truly an art.

Don't miss this must-see episode of "Willy Men Uncommon" and let yourself be carried away by DJ Tanke's amazing music. Remember that this episode of our podcast is sponsored by Latinoamérica Pack and Ship, the leading company in shipments to the Dominican Republic and Latin America. Until the next adventure in "Willy Men Uncommon"!

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