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The Path of a Dominican Referee to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

In the thirtieth episode of Willy Mena Uncommon, we have the honor of introducing you to Raymundo Feliz, the first Dominican referee to participate in a FIFA World Cup. Raymundo shares with us his experiences and emotions while officiating in such prestigious settings.

Raymundo tells us how he has grown accustomed to performing on the field without paying much attention to the audience, knowing that they are watching him. Sometimes, he disconnects from the people while officiating, but he emphasizes the significance and excitement of working in this environment.

One of the most touching moments for Raymundo is when he remembers his mother while officiating. Being remembered by his mom during those moments fills him with happiness and gives him strength to continue his career as a referee.

The narrator highlights that in life, there are negative aspects to everything, but the most beautiful part is the feeling of being a referee. Raymundo is amazed to realize that he is not just a referee; he also becomes part of a new family. He has met many people from different cultures who treat him incredibly well, regardless of their religion, ideology, culture, skin color, or sexual preference. He feels like he has more brothers than anyone else, and that's something he deeply values.

On the FIFA level and with Kakafe at the most significant events, the administration treats Raymundo like a prince or king because he is considered the main asset of those events. He acknowledges that even though there may be 22 players on the field, the game cannot proceed without a referee. This reality makes him proud of his work and the importance it holds in the sport he loves so much.

Raymundo started his career with little international refereeing experience, but his determination and passion for learning led him to achieve positive results in local events. He attended a preparation course to improve his game and gradually climbed the ladder in his career.

After approximately four years, he unexpectedly received appointments to officiate in more significant events. He had the opportunity to officiate a quarter-final match in El Salvador as part of the Concacaf Champions League, a high-level tournament following the Gold Cup. This event was a great opportunity to showcase his abilities as a referee.

The narrator also shares an impactful story about Raymundo's experiences in El Salvador. He visited a place where photos and data of people who were once imprisoned were kept. There was a room filled with tons of hair from the prisoners who were shaved at that location. Additionally, soap was made from the fats of the bodies of those who were executed. The narrator also recounts the story of a twin who was experimented on and eventually killed by a scientist, who also killed the twins' mother to reunite them in the afterlife. These impactful stories elicit reactions from visitors and show us a reality to which Raymundo has been exposed.

In conclusion, Raymundo Feliz shows us that being a referee goes beyond just a job. It's a passion, a way of life, and an opportunity to grow and experience different cultures. Despite the challenges and sacrifices, Raymundo has no regrets about his choice and continues to work toward his dream of participating in a higher-level World Cup and the Olympics. His story is inspiring and reminds us that with dedication and perseverance, we can achieve our goals in life.

Listen to the full episode of Willy Mena Uncommon with Raymundo Feliz and delve into the experiences and emotions of this talented Dominican referee on his journey to success in the world of football.

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