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From Former Judge in the Dominican Republic to a New Life in Canada: A Tale of Migration and Change

Welcome to a new episode of Willy Mena Uncommon! In this exciting chapter, we will explore the life and experiences of a former judge from the Dominican Republic who decided to emigrate to Canada in search of new horizons.

We will start by discussing the Dominican penal code, which has been attempting reform for over 25 years but without success so far. Our guest will reveal the gaps and problems in this code and how they have sparked controversy and debate in Dominican society. In particular, the topic of abortion has been a prominent issue, generating opposing opinions. While one sector of the population advocates for a complete ban on abortion, another suggests decriminalization in cases of fetal malformation, among other reasons. However, our former judge disagrees with these exceptions and will argue his position.

Next, we will delve into the fascinating world of meditation. We will explore the differences between Eastern meditation and Christian meditation. Both forms of meditation share a calm atmosphere and concentration but differ in their internal objectives. While Eastern meditation seeks balance and internal development through yin and yang, Christian meditation seeks a connection with God and an understanding of His will. Additionally, we will reveal an interesting fact: the 12 steps of recovery programs have their roots in Christian faith and are based on the Bible.

Then, we will immerse ourselves in the world of Dominican baseball. Our guest has been interested in this sport from a young age and has actively participated in leagues and practices. We will compare the reality of baseball in the Dominican Republic with that of the United States. We will discover that in the United States, there are sports complexes where talent is nurtured from a young age until they reach the major leagues. However, in the Dominican Republic, player signings are solely based on talent, regardless of educational level. We will explore the atmosphere of player signings and how it can be delicate due to vulgar language and the topics discussed, making some people uncomfortable.

In the next part of the episode, we will address the topic of religion. We will talk about the Catholic Church and the Adventist Church, both of which have a strong presence in the Dominican Republic. We will reveal the differences between these two religious institutions and how they have evolved and adapted over time. We will mention that our guest has had a personal experience with the Adventist Church and will share what he likes and dislikes about it. Additionally, we will explore the historical significance of the papacy and how it has been tragic and fatal in terms of death and persecution.

Finally, we will conclude the episode with a reflection on the contentious issue of abortion. Our guest will argue that the life of the fetus suffers the consequences while the perpetrator, the rapist, goes unpunished for their actions. Adoption will be proposed as a possible alternative, especially for those who wish to have children but cannot. The responsibility of the state in providing psychological, emotional, and financial support to women who decide to have a child but do not wish to raise it will be emphasized.

In conclusion, this episode of Willy Mena Uncommon has allowed us to learn about the journey of a former judge from the Dominican Republic who chose to emigrate to Canada in search of a new life. We have explored topics such as the Dominican penal code, meditation, Dominican baseball, religion, and abortion. Each of these topics has allowed for deep reflection on society and the different perspectives that can exist. We bid farewell until the next episode, where we will continue to explore remarkable stories and experiences. Until then!

Listen to the full episode here

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